Project 1


  • Strategic Purchasing – existing electromechanical module
  • too expensive, high failure rate, dependance on supplier


  • Qualify and implement 2nd-Source
  • Significant cost reducation of > 20%
  • Improve the quality and longlife-reliability


  • Purchasing overal responsibility
  • Concept design, vendor selection and implementation
  • Given time table
  • Definition of KPI’s


Achievements excellence

  • Successful qualification of new suppliers
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes and reduce manufacturing steps and figures of items
    and at the same time introducing new technologies and materials
  • more flexibility, faster availability
  • Increase the quality score of 90% to 99.9% (in terms of function and realiablity of supply)
  • Reduction of procurement costs by 50%
  • Creating a category group strategy
  • Introduction of supplier management with contractual agreements and logistics


– Increase in demand and customer satisfaction
– Measurable contribution to the company’s success



Project 2


  • Strategic Purchasing – Machining parts
  • Implement „European low-cost Supplier“ as an alternative to China


  • Competitive to existing China source
  • Assurance and continuation of the quality standards
  • Flexible availability, favorable logistics


  • Purchasing overal responsibility
  • Concept design after cost and benefits
  • Drawing up selection criteria
  • Procurement market research, supplier research
  • Care options and qualification; Definition of KPI


Achievements Excellence

  • Successful implementation 2nd source
  • Optimization of costs and quality
  • Faster availability; Reduce logistics and warehousing costs
  • Reducing of suppliers


– Measurable contribution to the company’s success.

Competitive advantages secured by changing ability.

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